Singular Ads Unique Android SDK easy integration, and its efficiency proves it self to each devices installed!

Monetize your traffic with extensively customizable native ad units which are deeply integrated within the app experience and highly engaging for the user and other brilliant unique solution - please contact us for further info. 

Why Install Singular Ads SDK?

  • Quick and easy integration both android and iOS.
  • Reach all devices all geo countries!
  • Live dashboard, publishers can track their results easily from our amazing dashboard.
  • Highest eCPM we heard of
  • We build an algorithm that learn each device by his used apps likes to offer him to most relevant ads.

  • Appstore opens within the add, no redirect saves time and window pop-ups.
  • Our SDK solution are innovative all ad format are adjustable.
  • Our solution is 100% transparent, we grant access to live dashboard with detailed reporting so you could see how does your traffic is performing. 

Developers and Publishers

With Singular Ads unbelievable SDKs developers and publishers can easily monetize their apps and sites traffic with most engaging ad units.